Career Guidance and Competitive Exam cell

Sr. No. Name of the capability enhancement scheme Name of the agencies involved /Resource Person
AY 2020-21

Career Counseling Session on "Opportunities in Software

Industries" (10-07-2020)
 Alumni Raj Bhattad
 2  Career Counseling Session on “Opportunities in Banking Sector” (11-12-2020)  Mr. Suhas Kale
 3  Career Counseling Session on "Career Opportunities in Stock Market" (10-05-2021)  Mr. Shri Harsha
  AY 2019-20 
1 Guidance for competitive examinations( MPSC - UPSC - Banking) Unique Academy
Unique Academy
Chanyakya Institute
Ganesh Kad Institute
2 Career Counselling Sparkplug Education ad Learning Services Pvt ltd.
Careers in Retail by Narendra Chauhan Rajendra Nadela Dr Darriel Wisby Sanjiv Vasagek
Careers in Finance by Kanchan Kulkarni
Various Careers opportunities by Ankur Gupta
Ms.Anthezelika Andreeva on Overseas Career opportunities
3 Softskill development Hindustan Unilever
Prasad powar
Business etiquettes by Mrs.Riddhima Dua,Barclays
personality development, Mansi Karanjgaonkar
  Yoga and Meditation GYST
Art of Living
Sahaj Marg Raja Yoga Meditation
Sahaj Marg Raja Yoga Meditation
Isha Foundation
4 Yoga Workshop BY Mrs. Sandhya Dhananjay Bhalerao
5 Personal Counselling Personal Counsellor Mrs. Dhanashri Ghare